Free Detoxing camps for poor people who can't afford for treatment

The Centre was established about 2 years ago in Athimugam, Shoolagiri Taluk, in Krishnagiri District in the State of Tamil Nadu. From the date of establishment of the Centre, we have conducted 2 free Detoxing Camps for nearly 87 people in 1st camp and nearly 80 people in 2nd camp with the guidance and assistance of our dedicated team of Doctors, Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Nurse, qualified Counselors , ward staffs etc., for poor people who were not able to afford for treatment.

My Husband Shanmugam has  been doing  services and conducted more than  100 free Detoxing camps, the duration of those  camp was 10 days for each camp.   As a counselor and care taker for the poor people who can’t afford for treatment with help of other people who have sponsored for these camps he conducted some of the free camps.  Some of the names and place he had done services are  Sri Suttur samiji free camps Nearly 5 camps,  from 23 years infant Jesus church Camps  for every year in Bangalore,  from 20 years in Carmel convent, Bangalore,  in Mysore Basavanmarga marga And many free camps in various  rehabilitation centers  across Bangalore and also  free camp In Jaipur.