Patients who attended by Arha are likely to make significant progress in a reasonable time if they are within our residential program, be it for 90 days (Minimum Span of Time).

The benefits of a structured program include a number of simple but effective building blocks. Patients will find this routine will help to restore better eating habits, as well as improvement in sleep.

These two important parts allow a patient to participate in various forms of therapy in individual and group setting, designed to rebuild a sense of self, overcome shame and guilt associated with their addiction, rebuild self- esteem and learn to cope with craving, without resorting to drug or alcohol use. Patients at Arha are also encouraged to utilize the power of mutual aid, and to understand the benefits of being supportive of one another, and accessing mutual aid groups such as 12 Step Fellowship AA, NA, CA or SMART recovery

Primary Residential treatment is in intense, and is designed to be that way, however treatment and recovery doesn’t just stop on the day that a patient leaves Arha and returns home. When a patient leaves residential treatment, they return to the real world. Jobs, family responsibilities and just day to day life, which can be extremely stressful. That’s why it is so important that patients engage in ongoing care once they complete their stay at Arha, and this will be part of their discharge planning phase of their treatment., to identify the support both through peer and professional, and to schedule it accordingly.

As a part of their treatment, patients will be entitled to individual and group sessions seven each, for all patients during their treatment at Arha.