What Makes Us Different?

We have constantly provided premium services for the patients since 22 Years. When it comes to the patients safety and peace of mind, we take extra precautions. To provide the best service in town, we use premium methods.

W. Shanmugam

Social activist / Head Counsellor


I would like to introduce myself Shanthi Shanmugam, the Founder of ARHA REHABILITATION AND SOCIAL SERVICE CENTRE, I should thank my husband Sri. W. Shanmugam who has given me the idea of starting such a Centre, for the benefit of poor people who are badly addicted to alcohol.

We are providing high quality of rehabilitation care for the patients in the Centre which is an exclusive centre enabling those unfortunate incidental addicts to relinquish and lead an independent normal life which they had before developing dependency on Alcohol, Drugs, Gamblings, behavioral disorders etc.,

The reason behind the starting of the Centre is my husband Sri. W.Shanmugam who was addicted to alcohol for more than 15 years, during that time I was gone through lots of pain and my life became so miserable and I have struggled a lot to get him out from his addiction. Even though he himself wanted to quit alcohol, but he could not come out from the same.

I had taken him to various well known hospitals for treatment and nothing was happened. During that time I got some reference about the rehabilitation centre and I have admitted him for 3 months in rehabilitation centre. With God’s grace, he realized himself about the bad effects of addiction and left the bad practice and became sober.

Since last 23 years he's a clean sober from the day one of his discharge from the Centre where he admitted. Later he started attending AA meetings every day in order to keep him away from consuming alcohol, he had started doing various services for people who are alcoholic and addicted to drugs through counseling and pulling them for AA meetings and he had decided to conduct awareness meetings for the people who are suffering from addiction of alcohol and drugs, and also he has conducted the awareness meetings in the Schools, colleges, software companies, SSI units, garments factories etc., and also he has been doing services for free Detoxing camps in various places.

I, as a founder, strongly believe that with the right treatment and support on right time anyone can overcome addiction and lead a happy life. So only, we fully engaged in the service of Centre and dedicating our maximum time in helping affected persons to overcome from the addiction and committed to provide highest quality care to everyone who walks the Centre. With the help of our dedicated team of Doctors, Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Nurse, qualified Counselors and ward staffs

There were several hundreds of well satisfied and cured patients from the centre, who not only from Tamil Nadu but also from border States of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Due to our sincere and honest approach, we can proudly say that within a short span of period the Centre was recognized as one of the leading Rehabilitation and Social Service Centers in the District of Krishnagiri.

W. Shanmugam

Years Experience
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Social activist / Head Counsellor

W. Shanmugam Social activist / Head Counsellor 22 years of alcohol and drug counselling Experience He has handled 100+ Free Detox Camps for the unprivileged Conducted counselling workshops throughout India in Various Departments 1000+ Free Public Awareness programs throughout India We are privileged to have such a social activist with is open hands to serve for our members in Arha

We are the best award- winning team

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