Awareness Meeting

Awareness meeting in schools, colleges, companies and for general public ( meeting conducted in slums)

My Husband Sri.Shanmugam has  conducted more than 1000  awareness meetings in  and around Tamil Nadu which include


1) Hosur, 2) Krishnagiri,  3) Dharmapuri, 4) Thiruvannamalai, 5) Salem  6) Chennai 7)  Madurai, 8) Coimbatore 9) Thoothukudi 10) Virdhachalam 11) Ooty 12) Gudalur 13) Sirkazhi, 14)  Sethiyathope,  15 Tiruthani, 16)  Trichy 17) Tirunelveli etc,,  

In the State of Karnataka, which include


1)Bangalore (Urban and Rural),  2) Mysore 3)Mandya, 4)Bijapura, 5)Hasan 6) Chennapattana  and also in few remote areas like Birur, Kadur, Sagara, Bigar Chikmagalur, Tarikere, Davangere, Gulbarga,  Hubli etc.,


Also awareness meetings  were conducted in some parts of Andhra Pradesh and  of Western side of India like Jaipur.  Through this selfless service, more than 10,000 families were benefited.  He utilized this campaign platform to bring awareness to general public to whom it was necessary to fight against drug and alcohol abuse.  These programmers’ include Community Based Peer Led Intervention for early Drug Use Prevention among Adolescents and Youth and Outreach and Drop in Centre 

These awareness meetings were conducted in the Schools, colleges, software companies, SSI units and garments factories. Besides, Workshops were organized in police Departments and trainee Doctors and many slum areas in and around Bangalore to educate general public, especially the users that drug addiction is a complex disease. 

These meetings were utilized to explain them how these addictions are allowing to increase  crimes, loss of  manpower and production in industry  by bringing economic burden on manufacturer and nation. The speakers, who participated in these workshops and small groups meet, made the public to understand that Drugs causes harm to them and also invites various health problems to them.